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November 2019

    Daniel is our orange cat. He gets his name from the little orange tiger on “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.”  Daniel was a stray farm cat who, over the years, weaseled his way into being a house cat. We aren’t too sure what happened before he wandered into our lives, but he has certainly used up a good number of his 9 lives since his arrival. One incident found him climbing into the engine compartment and hitching a ride up the interstate to the Michigan border. He escaped bodily injury. Another time, he was poisoned by a new kind of lawn chemicals which attacked his nervous system and left him temporarily paralyzed. Despite the vet’s prognosis, he again recovered. (Yes, he is one lucky kitty). But ever since that chemical poisoning, he’s had nerve damage. His senses of sight, smell, and hearing don’t work so well anymore. He hobbles along on 3 legs because of the nerve damage, causing his 4th leg to look broken, but it’s not.

    Daniel recently went missing. A few days went by, and he didn’t wander back home: he was just gone. Online “missing pet” notices were posted; animal shelters were contacted; everything was in vain. We concluded that Daniel had just ran out of luck. Then, after everyone had accepted that Daniel was gone for good, Kristin received a call from the vet... in Warren. He had Daniel. It seems that someone was driving through the neighborhood and saw Daniel limping along. So they stopped, picked him up, and took him to the vet in Warren, where he received fluids and a battery of tests. 
    ‘Great! He’s safe!’ But after the news sank in, I became incredulous, even angry. Who while visiting a neighborhood in a city they didn’t live in would pick up an obviously tame cat, and take them to a vet in a different town as a stray?  Why am I now forced to take on the cost of those extra tests because someone did something so illogical? Why do I need to pay to get back something that is already my own?

    And THAT is the essence of your redemption. Satan drew you away from your heavenly Father (through the sin of Adam and Eve and through your own rebellious wandering). You were lost and separated from your heavenly home - unable to return, held captive by sin and death - by nature an object of wrath.

    And knowing exactly where you were and what it would take to get you back, God redeemed you. He paid the cost to bring you - His own creation - back to Himself: not with gold or silver, but with the holy, precious blood and innocent suffering and death of His beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

    Knowing that, I can’t be angry at paying to make Daniel our own once again. Knowing that God redeemed me – that no cost was too great for Him to bring me back from sin and death - how can I be angry over something that has helped me remember God’s loving redemption of me? It was an expensive lesson, but a lesson which was able to be paid in “gold and silver.” We have Daniel back, safe and sound. But th rough the blood of Jesus, God has brought me back to Himself, safe and sound.
    Thanks be to God - that even though I pay such a redemption price grouchily and complaining - Jesus gave the price willingly, freely, and joyfully (Hebrews 12:2), without reservation and without hesitation.

O Israel, hope in the Lord! For with the Lord there is steadfast love, and with him is plentiful redemption. And he will red eem Israel from all his iniquities. (Psalm 130) -

- - Pastor Lorenz